Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Krenov Plane

About a year ago, I was clicking around the internet and happened upon the web site for James Krenov.  He was offering planes for sale since his eyesight had failed to the point where he would not do woodworking any more, so I bought one.  I think I paid $300 for it.  It came and I glanced at it and then life got in the way and I put it aside.  Somehow I missed the death notice for Mr. Krenov until last week and I went and got my plane out.  It was still wrapped in bubble wrap and there was blue tape all around the throat and blade.  I debated a long time whether to unwrap it or just leave it as some kind of museum piece and collector's item.  I have this vision of Mr. Krenov making the last little shaping cut with his knife  and then testing the shape and the feel and the blade set by running a few cuts and adjusting the blade and trying it again.  When I unwrapped the throat it was indeed filled with the most beautiful thin shavings.  Maybe he did exactly as I envisioned it.  How can I take them out? 

Think about it, this is not a Krenov "style" plane, this is a Krenov plane, hand made by the master himself. 

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