Thursday, January 8, 2009

Big Salad Bowl

Want to see the big bowl roughed out?

This is what it looked like after about an hour of chips flying everywhere. The walls and bottom of the bowl are about an inch and a half thick. It is really wet and heavy and needs about two months of drying. I wrapped it up in several layers of newspaper so it will dry more slowly and not crack as it drys. If it drys unevenly or too quickly, it will split and the salad dressing will leak out unless you put a lot of cheese in the salad and let the cheese plug the split. If you don't like cheese in your salad, then there is a big problem. Maybe you can use one of those salad sprayers and spray each forkfull before you eat it.

The trick now is to make the small bowls reflect the shape of the big bowl so it all looks like a set . In addition, all the small bowls need to be essentially the same size and shape and that is a pretty good trick in itself. I started with the smallest wood blank and roughed that one out and now the task is to cut each one down to match that one. These are all dry already so there is no wait time on the small bowls. Should be fun.


jon said...

it looks beautiful. what a great shape!

Nelanie said...

This is beautiful!! Can't wait to see what you try next now that you have had a class with the Master Turner!!