Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ambrosia Maple

I just went by the best woodworking store in the world (personal opinion), Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, and they had just gotten in some new turning blanks. Normally I like to use more found wood than anything else, but when you turn green wood you have to wait for it to dry after you have roughed out the bowl. Usually takes three to six months for it to dry enough so the finished bowl will not shrink, crack or warp. Sometimes I just don't want to wait. So I bought an eight inch diameter three inch thick bowl blank of "ambrosia maple". Pretty expensive at $19 but you just won't believe how pretty the stuff is. It is a light tan or biege for the most part, but it has these beautiful spots and stripes running through it like some kind of mutated Holstein cow. I've seen some pieces which were turned from ambrosia maple but made by turning from the end of the grain and hollowing down the center of the tree so to speak. Doing it that way makes a beautiful pattern in the wood, but I normally turn ninety degrees from that and it produces an entirely different pattern. Trouble with paying for wood is that sometimes you mess it up --I have a beautiful walnut bowl from a bought blank which has a bottom you can see through. I mean paper thin. Sad!! Hope my skills are up to this one. If so, it will be posted on the etsy site for sale. I'll let you know.

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